Student Visas are given to individuals who aspire to review abroad. They can undertake full-time or part-time study within the respective country they want to review. Obtaining a student visa is one among the foremost vital tasks when preparing for studying overseas. Our expert counselors will guide you within the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure a student visa. We will provide complete assistance for obtaining a student visa. With the booming competition for qualified professionals, there's a big increase in the issue of student visas in many countries. The course of study and therefore the sort of university you propose to the review determines which sort of student visa you need.

A student visa usually requires that the potential applicant is eligible to review at an area institution, which approves to supply courses to foreign students by the government. Furthermore, in most cases, applicants must also prove that they have enough funds to support themselves. Some of the scholar visas allow students to figure for a limited number of hours per week. It is mandatory that each one of the applicants provide a replica of their passport and letter of enrolment from the tutorial institution alongside their application. The applicant should have a transparent idea of the aim, of course, they need to review then apply for a Student Visa.


An F1 Visa is granted to international students who want to attend English programs or academic programs within the colleges or universities of the USA. Students on an F1 visa must maintain a minimum course load towards full-time student status. Students who want to get this visa got to apply to the faculties and secure an I-20 visa. The validity of the F1 visa is until the length of the student’s educational program. They need to finish their studies as per the expiration date mentioned on their I-20 form which has been provided by the institution or college.

The immigration rules are strict towards the working aspect of the F1 visa holder within the USA. However, this visa allows the scholar to undertake part-time or on-campus (less than 20 hours) employment. The jobs that are available on the campuses will not be able to provide finances enough for a University education. Hence, it's important that F1 student has enough funds to support himself/herself regarding education within the USA.

After an F1 student successfully completes his/her education program, he/she is eligible for one year of practical training or OPT. This is granted for a maximum of 12 months' duration. Students of mathematics, engineering, technology and science are ready to extend their OPT duration to 29 months. F2 Visas are offered for dependents of F1 visa holders. We will provide completed assistance for obtaining an F1 Visa. Our expert counselors will guide you within the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure the visa.


Canada Student Visa additionally referred to as a Canada Study Permit. It is for students who have been offered a letter from a Canadian Education Institution who wish to study in Canada. Canada has become one of the simplest study destinations for foreign nationals thanks to its top-notch education and learning system, low tuition costs and excellent employment possibility.

The Canada Study Visa is provided only on a short-term basis. The student will definitely get to leave the country when the study duration is completed. The Canadian government will certainly not give any kind of health care insurance policy to a foreign student. The candidate has to ask with a particular institution regarding their health care coverage and health insurance.

The need for the Student visa differs depending upon the opted study, the academic history of the applicant and their country of citizenship. He/she need to show that they need adequate funds to satisfy their accommodation and study requirements. He/she must be a law-abiding resident with none record and not be a threat to the protection of Canada. The Study Visa is valid until the scholar finishes his/her education. We are one-stop for all of your Immigration and Visa processing. We will help our clients in processing their visa applications if they meet the rules and regulations of the visa process. Our team of professionals will keep track of all the updates pertaining to your process.


The Australian Student Visa allows applicants to study and also work in Australia for a duration that is equal to the duration of the course plus one more month. The applicant must be over 16 to secure this visa.

Student Visa of Australia can be associated with professional courses, language courses and undergraduate courses in its Universities or institutions. The student visa for Australia is often approved only it's combined with a course program from some Australian Universities, schools or colleges. The major benefit of this visa is that the applicant can combine several courses within the same visa such as vocational courses and language courses. The minimum duration for a related visa course is three months and a maximum duration of 50 weeks.

An Australian Student visa allows the students to take up part-time work for up to 40 hours every two weeks. They can also undertake full-time work during the pauses of their courses or vocations. With the assistance of part-time work, visa holders can cover their costs of food, accommodation, transport and also economize. The Australian student visa is the only one that offers the possibility of working legally while studying in Australia. You can also include your family members such as partners and children as dependents on the visa. Under some circumstances, it is possible to apply for a further visa at the end of your course. We are an expert organization in the immigration and visa service industry. We assisted numerous candidates in securing successful student visas for Australia.