English Languages

English Proficiency & test requirements are stated mandatory for all international students studying abroad and immigrate. A must fluency in 4 mandatory components spoken, written, listening, and written. English for all courses is mandatory. Universities will state their English language requirement in various tests – the minimum grade overall, and usually the minimum grades required in writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Different universities require different test scores and even within institutions, these are often higher for courses. Each of the following English language tests is accepted by most countries and many institutions around the world.


IELTS is an International Standardized Test of English Language Proficiency for non-native language speakers. The test comprises four areas of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. IELTS is required for most of the higher education and Immigration programs Worldwide. E-ladder4U has come up with a new method of teaching 7 days crash course and on the International English language test system. The session is only online and an hour (1) daily. We also have regular online training, daily or weekends for students or working professionals in order to achieve the high-end score in any of the English Language testing Programs.