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Your thriving search for the best Australian immigration service ends here, as we deliver the most extraordinary support for our clients who wish to migrate to Australia. Being the most reputed immigration consultants in Chennai, we navigate our clients in a proper direction to get settled in their dream nation of opportunities. According to today’s scenario, Australia is found to be the favorite choice of immigration and the second-best alternative for the USA next to Canada. Australia is found to be the best nation when it comes to providing diversified employment opportunities with a fantabulous lifestyle to live-in. Australia highly attracts tourists and immigrants with its abundant natural resources and nature-rich spots to visit. Apart from being a country of abundant natural resources and a huge scope of job opportunities, Australia is also known for its strict immigration policies where one requires mandate assistance of a reputed immigration consulting service provider to get through the process.


The Australian immigration process is completely a point-based system that carefully chooses potential candidates based on their permissibility. One can enter into Australia using any one of the following visa programs:

Student Visa
Skilled Specialist Visa
Vacation Visa
Permanent Occupation Visa
Investor Visa

A candidate can enter into Australia by using an understudy or occasion visa and then shift to the flexible one according to their professional relevancy.

A candidate’s eligibility will be assessed based on various factors like educational qualification, work experience, age, and language proficiency, several other supporting factors are also considered before approving their visa to get landed in Australian soil officially.

A qualified immigrant must score a minimum of 60 during the evaluation process.

If you are a candidate applied for Temporary work visa in Australia, then you must get qualified with the following criteria:

Must have a minimum of three years of experience in the relevant field of applying for the current job.

Must be under the age of 45 while applying.

Must have scored a minimum number of 5 in the IELTS evaluation in all the areas.


This nomination visa program is exclusively for the individuals who are unable to meet the Skilled Independent Criteria and also includes those who have not got listed in the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill Set List (MLTSSL). The core basic criteria to avail of this visa are to get sponsorship from the respective state or territory to which the applicant is planning to immigrate. Since this visa category is designed to meet the skill shortage faced by the Australian government, the evaluation process will be stringent and the candidate needs to meet the minimum criteria of attaining 65 marks in the evaluation process. The skilled nomination visa is a permanent residence visa so the candidate who withholds this visa must live at least 2 years in the allocated state.


The applicant who prefers this visa category must get qualified with the basic criteria of obtaining 60 marks in the evaluation process to register for the visa. The candidate must be under 45 during the time of applying for the visa. The concerned candidate must prove their language proficiency by scoring a minimum of 6 in all the areas of language tests like (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) conducted under the IELTS competitive exam or any other relevant English proficiency test. English proficiency when it comes to migration to Australia, the (PTE Academic) is also accepted. When a candidate takes PTE test for Australian immigration, one must achieve a minimum PTE score to be granted an Australian visa approval.

Since there are different visa options to achieve permanent residence (PR) status in Australia, the PTE score required for Australian immigration differs from case-to-case. If you are applying for a visa 189 or 190 or 489 (under the Invited Pathway), you need a minimum score of 50 for each of the four components of the PTE Academic test. The PTE score required to extend your point score by 10 (towards Australian immigration) is a minimum of 65 in each of the PTE Academic test components. If you manage to attain 79 or more in each of the test components, you get a buff of 20 points in your point score.

When it comes to choosing an occupation the applicant must be highly aware that the job role must be listed under Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled List (MLTSSL) or Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and it should relevant to their skillset and most importantly it must be available in the concerned state to which the candidate has chosen.

It is highly mandatory for an applicant to get cleared with the skill assessment test to which they have applied the job for and this must be done prior to submitting the visa application.

In order to obtain sponsorship from the respective state, the candidate must submit proof of funds to the concerned state government of Australia.

The emigration board of Australia will lookout for a perfect certificate on the candidate’s health and character status and they will evaluate with the concerned bodies of the candidate’s local government.

75% of the visa process would take 4 months to get completed
95% of the visa process might take 6 months to get completed


Since it is a permanent resident visa, the applicant can take their family member(s) according to his/her potential to support them financially in Australian soil. By using 190 visas one can stay anywhere in Australia. Concessions are available for applicants who adhere to 190 visas like healthcare and other special concessions. If the applicant is found to be eligible then they can apply for citizenship under this visa process.

The visa holder can sponsor a relative under this program provided if they can provide enough financial support. Using this visa the applicant can travel to and fro from Australia for the next five years since the day they where provided with the visa.