Evaluation Services

E-Ladder4U Evaluation Services provides the Excellence Evaluation Services for all your H1b Specialty Occupation Queries. Our evaluation services approval is the industry's maximum approval rate for our which includes expert Opinion letters, Technical, documents, education /Work Experience Evaluations. With adding New Clients, Academic Institutions, and individuals every month our mission is to ensure that our client’s North American dream is thriving and flourishing in their particular fields. Our assessment details the education obtained at an accredited or recognized institution in the home country and its equivalency in the United States of America. An institution that is one of the formally approved by the proper educational authorities with the country and which is widely accepted by other institutions and agencies inside and outside the country.


  • Use of finest practices in credential assessment and equivalency service as recognized by standard authorities.
  • We influence of technology and tools for high quality and dependable competency assessment practices.
  • To provide a credentials evaluation service for healthcare and nurses educated professionals outside the United States.
  • To serve as an assessment evaluator for information on international nursing education and licensure.
  • Our reports have been used for North America immigration, education, employment, professional licensing, and teacher certification purposes.